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Is your product sold online? 

Is your product sold on Amazon?


If you answered “No” to either question, you’re likely leaving money on the table.

Omni-channel selling is about being proactive in getting in front of customers when and where they’re likely to make a purchase.  Convenience is key for online shoppers.  If you want their money, your products need to be where they shop.

Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world.  For Americans who shop online, 65% search on Amazon always or most of the time and 57% of Amazon searchers buying on the site always or most of the time.*  In comparison, 31% of Americans first turn to larger retailers, 12% to category specific retailers, and 7% to webstores.  So, if your products aren’t on Amazon, you’re missing out on a huge amount of searches and potential conversions.**

  • Clothing, shoes and accessories: 44% of shoppers have purchased from marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Etsy), 47% from large retailers (e.g. Walmart, CostCo), 27% from webstores (e.g. TJ Maxx) and 30% from category-specific online stores (e.g. Apple, Timberland)
  • Electronics: 34% of shoppers have purchased from marketplaces, 32% from large retailers, 10% from webstores and 19% from category-specific online stores
  • Beauty and personal care items: 29% of shoppers have purchased from marketplaces, 24% from large retailers, 18% from webstores and 17% from category-specific online stores
  • Flowers and gifts: 14% of consumers bought on marketplaces, 14% from large retailers, 15% from webstores and 19% from category-specific online stores.**

Yet, in a recent survey*, only 16% of business owners said they were selling via Amazon.***

While convenience and price are the most important influences, customers place more value in the overall experience they have with your brand, than in merely getting the lowest price. Service, shipping, convenience and ease-of-use, are all essential to turning customers into repeat customers.

A well-designed store is essential to decreasing abandonment and increasing sales.




***Square’s 2017 survey of over 1,100 business owners

Selling Your Products Online Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult…

  • Confused about setting up an e-commerce site?
    • Not sure how to load products, get traffic or improve your sales conversion rate?
    • Wondering which e-commerce shopping cart is best for your needs?
    • Worried about fulfilling your orders economically and accurately?
  • Need help selling on Amazon?
    • Not sure whether your product listings are optimal?
    • Wondering how to be sure your products are featured when customers search?
    • Worried about protecting your brand?
    • Concerned that customers are getting or knock-off products sold by unscrupulous resellers?
    • MAP pricing violations hurting traditional retailers and distribution outlets?

We can help!


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96% of Americans with internet access have made an online purchase at some point in their lives, and four
in five (80%) have done so in the last month alone.

The fact is that having a visible and well positioned internet presence is absolutely essential for businesses now and in the future.

As more businesses look to the web to attract new customers for their products and services, gaining the coveted top positions becomes harder and harder. This is where we help businesses like yours gain the competitive advantage that gets real results.

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